Partnership Law, 4th Edition


By: Mark Blackett-Ord, Sarah Haren
ISBN13: 9781847665690
Published: November 2011
Country of Publication: UK
Format: Hardback

Category: Product ID: 9769


The edition of this well-regarded book has been reorganized and updated to cover all legislative changes and relevant case law.

This new fourth edition is a comprehensive guide to the modern law of partnerships, Limited Partnerships, and LLPs in England and Wales. Dealing fully with the modern practical issues inherent in setting up, running, and dissolving a partnership, this authoritative text will provide you with a definitive statement of the law using modern terminology relevant to current business practice.

This is essential reading for solicitors and barristers practicing in all of the following fields: Partnership; Employment law; Venture capital; Corporate law; Private client work; Insolvency; and Commercial law.

Chapter 1 Partnership in general
Chapter 2 Whether there is a partnership and whether a person is a partner
Chapter 3 Capacity
Chapter 4 Illegality
Chapter 5 Holding out
Chapter 6 Sub-partnerships and group partnerships
Chapter 7 The partnership agreement
Chapter 8 Partnership assets and liabilities
Chapter 9 Partnership capital and partners’ capital
Chapter 10 The partnership share
Chapter 11 The duty of good faith
Chapter 12 Internal management
Chapter 13 Discrimination
Chapter 14 Internal partnership dispute
Chapter 15 Remedies between partners
Chapter 16 Dissolution, retirement and expulsion without court order
Chapter 17 Dissolution by court order
Chapter 18 The effect of dissolution and retirement
Chapter 19 The firm and outsiders
Chapter 20 How partners bear the firm’s liabilities
Chapter 21 Litigation by and against outsiders
Chapter 22 Insolvency – winding up and similar procedures
Chapter 23 The insolvent firm’s debts
Chapter 24 Limited partnerships
Chapter 25 Limited liability partnerships.


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