Partnership Law (IN GOOD CONDITION)


  • Author: Michael Twomey
  • Year of Publication: 2000
  • ISBN: 9781854758859
  • Country: Ireland
  • Format: Hardback
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The partnership structure is widely utilized in Ireland, especially among professionals such as accountants, solicitors, and doctors, due to restrictions on practicing through companies and its status as the default business organization. Despite its popularity, partnership law in Ireland has received limited attention compared to other jurisdictions like Scotland and England. The lack of Irish research has led to reliance on English legal positions in Irish courts, highlighting the need for a comprehensive analysis of partnership law. This need is underscored by recent developments such as calls for multi-disciplinary partnerships and proposed changes in the UK’s partnership landscape. The aim of this textbook is to fill the gap in Irish legal literature by examining Irish court decisions and legislation from the 18th century to the present, while also considering partnership laws in other jurisdictions. The author hopes to contribute to the development of partnership law in Ireland and facilitate discussions on related topics such as incorporation of professional practices and limited liability partnerships. While efforts have been made to reflect the law accurately as of 31 May 2000

PART A: Nature of a Partnership
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: The Definition and Existence of a Partnership
Chapter 3: Characteristics of a Partnership
Chapter 4: Capacity to be a Partner
Chapter 5:   Evidentiary Requirements of Partnership
Chapter 6: Types of Partners
Chapter 7: Partner by Holding Out
Chapter 8: Types of Partnership
Chapter 9: Illegal Partnerships

PART B: Relation between Partner & Third Parties
Chapter 10: Liability of a Partner for the Acts of his Co-Partners
Chapter 11: Nature & Duration of Liability
Chapter 12: Litigation by & against Partners

PART C: Relations between Partners Inter Se
Chapter 13: Management Rights of Partners
Chapter 14: Financial Rights of Partners
Chapter 15: Fiduciary Duties of Partners
Chapter 16: Partnership Property
Chapter 17: Partnership Capital
Chapter 18: The Goodwill of a Partnership
Chapter 19: Shares in a Partnership
Chapter 20: Litigation between PARTNERS
Chapter 21: The Terms of the Partnership Agreements
Chapter 22: Anti-Competitive Provisions

PART D: Dissolution of Partnerships
Chapter 23: Causes of Dissolution
Chapter 24: Death of A Prayer
Chapter 25: Dissolution by the Court
Chapter 26: Post-Dissolution & Winding Up of a Partnership
Chapter 27: Bankruptcy
Chapter 28: Limited Partnership
Chapter 29: Investment Limited Partnership

Table of Cases


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