Pollock & Mulla: The Indian Contract & Specific Relief Acts, 16th Edition (2 Volumes)


Author: Pollock (Author), Sir Dinshaw Fardunji Mulla (Author)
Publication Date: Aug 2019
ISBN: 9789388548472
Country of Publication: India
Format: Hardcover

Category: Product ID: 6079


“The book is the most thorough and authoritative study on the Indian Contract and Specific Relief Act, explaining and illustrating the Act’s provisions in a clear, comprehensive, and systematic manner.” Its goal is to collect all of the Supreme Court’s and several High Courts’ key historic decisions. All legislative changes since the last publication have been properly accounted for. Judges, lawyers, in-house counsel, law businesses, students, law professors, and research experts utilize it as a standard reference.

Key Features of The Indian Contract & Specific Relief Acts, 16th Edition :

  • A thorough examination of all aspects of the contract and specific relief law.
  • Keeps track of all key judicial and legislative developments in this subject of law.
  • The most important judicial decisions have been included.
  • Takes a methodical and analytical attitude.

New to this edition:

  • The current edition has been thoroughly changed to reflect the most recent judicial and legislative developments.
  • The most recent case law as well as legislative modifications have been incorporated since the last publication.
  • The clauses and case law that are no longer applicable due to modifications and developments have been eliminated.”


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