Private Equity, Law & Practice | 3rd Edition


Author: Darryl J. Cooke
ISBN: 9781847034540
Published: 2011
Country of Publication: UK
Format: Hardback, Indian Reprint

Category: Product ID: 11190


Covering the major legal and business aspects of funding via private equity, this accessible guide provides all the practical legal and commercial information needed in this area: Looks at every part of the transaction, including raising private equity, managing the transaction, and restructuring the company; Explains the legal regulations for tax relief and share capital; Covers due diligence and issues relating to directors and employers; Gives an international perspective on private equity including coverage of France, Italy, Spain and Hong Kong; Deals with private equity in public to private transactions; Features new chapters on leadership/ development of management and acquisition finance; Provides checklists for all legal and business aspects of private equity and Includes a glossary of private equity terms and a full listing of BVCA members.

Role of Private Equity
Raising Private Equity
Corporate Valuation and Deal Structuring
Tax Relief for Equity Investment by Individuals
Share Capital
Managing the Transaction
Management Due Diligence
Due Diligence
Directors and Employees
Key Issues for Management
MBO Model
Managers Personal Status Questionnaire
Common Limitations to Management Warranties
Heads of Terms
Investment Agreement
Articles of Association


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