Rights Of Citizen


Author: Richa Asopa
Publication Date: January 2020
Country: India
Book Format: Paperback

“Rights of Citizen – Fundamental rights enshrined in part III of the constitution, are inherent and Cannot be extinguished by any Constitutional or statutory provision. Any law that abrogates or abridges such rights would be violative of the basic structure doctrine.”

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The fundamental rights, protected in Part III of the Constitution, are inherent and cannot be removed by any constitutional or statutory provision. Any law that abolishes or limits these rights would violate the basic structure of the Constitution. Article 21 guarantees the right to life and personal liberty, ensuring fair and impartial investigations and protection for victims and witnesses. Since 1950, Indian courts have consistently applied the principle of proportionality to legislative actions, especially concerning fundamental freedoms like freedom of speech, assembly, and movement. Courts assess whether restrictions imposed by laws are reasonable and the least restrictive option, placing the burden of proof on the State. This book aims to capture relevant cases and correct any errors in future editions, hoping to earn the appreciation of both the judiciary and legal practitioners.


  • Introduction
  • General (Articles 12 and 13)
  • Right to Equality (Articles 14 to 18)
  • Right to Freedom (Articles 19 to 22)
  • Right Against exploitation (Articles 23 to 24)
  • Right to Freedom of Relegion (Article 25 to 28)
  • Cultural & educational Rights (Articles 29 to 31)
  • Savings of certain Laws (Articles 31-A to 31-D)
  • Right to constitutional Remedies (Article 32 to 35)
  • Fundamental Rights (Article 51-A)


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