Sentencing Practice in Malaysia, 2nd Edition

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Published: Oct 2014
ISBN: 9789670735276
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This is a reference book that provides an extensive and detailed exposition of the law governing sentencing, covering the principles of sentencing and the application of those principles. It offers an in-depth analysis of the language used in sentencing provisions. Many critical discussions of various sentences available to the court, including death sentences, imprisonment, fines, whipping, bonds of good behaviour and other non-custodial orders are highlighted in this book – which also includes discussions on youthful offenders and their treatment.

Features & Benefits

  • Discussions are supported by relevant statutory provisions and useful case authorities
  • Includes latest developments brought about by amendments to statutes including the Penal Code, the Criminal Procedure Code, the Criminal Justice Act and the Prison Act
  • A new chapter on Pre-Trial Processes is added
  • A completely revamped chapter on Overview of Sentencing Guidelines for Some Offences; the chapter sets out a summary of sentencing guidelines of general application to a selection of offences, including offences affecting the human body and some affecting property under the Penal Code; drug possession, corruption, and child abuse.
  • All procedural and substantive requirements are analysed at length to help busy judges and criminal practitioners through the multitude of technicalities inherent in sentencing practice.
  • An essential reference in an environment where no sentencing guidelines are issued by any authority and there is a paucity.



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