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Tackling Insurance Fraud Law and Practice

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By: Lynne Skajaa, Dexter Morse
ISBN: 9781138357402
Published: June 30, 2020
Country of Publication: UK
Format: Hardback

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Insurance fraud is a growing problem on a global scale. The ABI estimates that fraudulent insurance claims on motor and household policies alone cost insurers in excess of £1 billion every year. This book provides an analysis of the insurance industry’s response to the problem and examines fraud from legal and practical perspectives to determine how to manage and reduce fraud. Key issues covered include: fraud in the insurance and reinsurance context, a look at industry-wide initiatives and individual insurance companies’ approaches to the problem, consideration of recent legal developments and a look at how insurance fraud is tackled in other jurisdictions. Includes a chapter on marine insurance fraud.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. What is Insurance Fraud? How Does the Law View it?
Chapter 2. The Typical Insurance Fraudster- Is There Such a Thing?
Chapter 3. Insurance Fraud Indicators
Chapter 4. Fraud in Insurance Law Generally
Chapter 5. Fraud in Marine Insurance Law
Chapter 6. Fraud in the Reinsurance Law Contact
Chapter 7. The Insurance Industry’s Response
Chapter 8. Recent Developments- A Hindrance or a Help to Tackling Insurance Fraud?
chapter 9. The Approach of Other Countries to the Problems of Insurance Fraud
Chapter 10. Conclusions


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