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The Law of Evidence in Singapore, 3rd Edition


Author: Chen Siyuan, Lionel Leo
ISBN: 9789811829987
Published: Apr 2022

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It will be valuable to all who seek to have a sound understanding of the evidential principles and rules that apply in Singapore. This book is an important addition to the corpus of Singaporean literature on the law of evidence and I warmly commend it to the legal community.
VK Rajah, Attorney General (2014-2017)
The Law of Evidence in Singapore presents the foundational and classical topics of evidence law with clarity and depth. The book, which arranges the topics in a thematically logical structure, combines straightforward explanations with scholarly analyses of the Evidence Act, local case law, and developments in other jurisdictions. The coverage also includes references to relevant academic works and legislative debates which give useful insights to the development of this area of law in Singapore.
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 – An Overview of the law of Evidence and introductory concepts
Chapter 2 – Relevance, admissibility, and the judicial discretion to exclude evidence
Chapter 3 – Burden of Proof and standard of Proof
Chapter 4 – Hearsay
Chapter 5 – Similar Facts and Character
Chapter 6 – Opinion
Chapter 7 – Statements and other aspects of the criminal justice process
Chapter 8 – Privilege
Chapter 9 – The Parol Evidence Rule [NEW]
Chapter 10 – Evidence before other tribunals in Singapore


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