The Law on Drugs Possession and Trafficking in Malaysia


Author: Hisyam Abdullah@ Teh Poh Teik
ISBN: 9834056532
Country: Malaysia
Published: June 2006
Format: Hardcover
Publisher: Marsden Law Book Sdn Bhd

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This authoritative book is a definitive guide to the possessory and trafficking offenses of illegal narcotics under the Dangerous Drugs Act 1952. It is the most comprehensive text ever written by a leading practitioner in this field. The topics presented are detailed and well researched offering accurate answers to legal issues that beset the Criminal Bar.

These include:
– The Concepts of ”Prima Facie” and ”Maximum Evaluation”
– Knowledge and Possession
– The Chemist’s Evidence
– Break in the Chain of Evidence
– The Statutory Presumptions
– Informers and Agent Provocateurs
– Section 27 Information
– Confessions
– ”Trafficking” under Section 2 of the Act
– Aspect of Judicial Appreciation of the Defence Case

Though the focus of the book is on drug offenses, the legal text and principles discussed are both relevant and applicable to offenses under other criminal legislation. This book is indisputably and indispensable too to both criminal lawyers and students.

Table of Contents
– Chapter 1 – Standard of Proof At the Close of Prosecution Case
– Chapter 2 – Knowledge and Possession
– Chapter 3 – The Chemist’s Evidence
– Chapter 4 – Doubts As To The Identities Of Exhibits
– Chapter 5 – The Statutory Presumptions
– Chapter 6 – Informers and Agent Provocateurs
– Chapter 7 – Section 27 of the Evidence Act 1950
– Chapter 8 – Cautioned Statements And Confessions
– Chapter 9 – ”Trafficking” As Defined in Section 2 Of The Dangerous Drugs Act 1952.
– Chapter 10 – The Defence Case


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