Construction Law in Malaysia


This is the first book which deals solely with Construction Law in Malaysia. It is also the first book which discusses the new Construction Industry Payment and Adjudication Act (CIPAA). CIPAA as promulgated by Parliament this year through the intensive efforts of CIDB and related promoters will radically change construction practice in Malaysia.

Authored by two experienced and highly-respected construction law professionals, the book which is written in a clear and concise manner provides an overview of the whole law relating to construction in this country as well as a detailed coverage of many of its important aspects.

It is intended to be an authoritative and invaluable resource for legal practitioners, construction professionals, contractors, developers, employers, students, as well as those requiring an insight into the law and practice of construction law. It supplements the many other books written on various aspects of construction law in Malaysia to date.

The key elements of construction law that are considered include the Malaysian law and its administration, contract law, law of tort, key issues in construction contracts, implementation of construction contracts, financial issues in construction contracts, considerations as to time, suspension and determination, completion and finalization of the contract, construction claims and disputes as well as adjudication.

The book sets out and updates significant new developments in construction law and practice, including coverage of current contract procurement and implementation issues, dispute resolution and recent case law.

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Country : Malaysia
Format : Hardcover
ISBN : 9789675040962
Author : Sundra Rajoo & Harbans Singh KS
Publication Date : Jun – 2012


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