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Construction Disputes: Seeking Sensible Solutions


Author: Wayne Clark’s
ISBN: 9781913019488
Country Of Publication: UK
Pub date: 25 Nov 2021
Format: Hardcover

A Tribute to Stephen Hepburn
This book is dedicated to Stephen Hepburn, who I met in Interlaken, Switzerland, in July 20200, At this, our first-and, as it turned out, only – meeting, we enjoyed lunch and a few glasses of wine. Stephen encouraged me to write a book on construction contracts and claims. He encouraged me to write this book. 

We kept in touch regularly after our Interlaken lunch, chatting on the phone, exchanging emails and messages, and strategizing over my developing book.
Sadly, Stephen passed away suddenly on 8 January 2021. I miss him very much. 
Rest in peace, my friend. 

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This book reflects the author’s fifty years of experience in international construction projects and the management and resolution of disputes.

During those fifty years, Wayne Clark’s aim has always been to guide parties towards sensible and clear communication, nurturing relationships, and seeking early solutions to their differences. His primary goal is to help parties avoid unnecessary conflict – a theme that is clearly evident throughout this book.

While two chapters are devoted to preparing construction claims to persuade a tribunal – and in so doing persuade the other side to reach an amicable settlement – the book covers a much wider scope: from the building owner’s dream through to the contractor handing over the completed project, wise contract administration, settlement negotiations, the third-party resolution process and, finally, arbitration. During each of these stages, the theme is for the parties to continually seek ways to resolve their differences.

The book also introduces the idea of the ‘shadow arbitrator’, who, if commissioned early in the dispute process, can guide parties and legal counsel to prepare claims and arbitral pleadings that will persuade a tribunal – and encourage the parties to find sensible solutions.

Key Features:
– Best practice in managing projects;
– How to avoid disputes in the first place;
– Drafting strong, credible, and persuasive claims;
– The ideal process for managing the resolution of disputes.

– Foreword by Husham Gawish
– Preface
– Acknowledgements
1. Managing Construction Projects to Prevent Disputes
2. Wise Contract and Claim Management
3. Construction Claims: The investigation
4. The Covid-19 Pandemic
5. Preparing Claims to Persuade a Tribunal
6. Seeking That Sensible Solution: Negotiation
7. When Negotiations Fail: Alternative Dispute Resolutions
-Further Reading
– About the Author

Industry Reviews

This practical book provides the accumulated wisdom of a hugely experienced and respected construction professional. Sensible people will find serious value in Construction Disputes: Seeking Sensible Solutions.’
Julian Baley, Partner, White & Case LLP, and author of Construction Law (3 Volumes)

‘This very important and timely book discusses all the stages of a construction project, with a continual focus on ways for parties to resolve their differences. Wayne Clark has written a must-read guide for the experienced as well as for novices in sophisticated and effective construction dispute management. Read this book and learn from one of the best.’
Victor P. Leginsky, Chartered Arbitrator and Certified Mediator, Arbitralis ADR;

‘At last, a straightforward guide to construction disputes. This book does not try to explain contract law, but instead refreshingly offers practical insight into the world of construction claims, their management, and resolution. Examples, war stories, and route maps leading to solutions are provided. Wayne’s book should be a valuable addition to anyone’s library.
‘ – Nicholas Gould, Partner, Fenwick Elliott LLP;

‘Newly qualified project managers and engineers, as well as experienced construction lawyers and claims consultants, will benefit hugely from reading this book. Wayne Clark clearly demonstrates the benefits of seeking sensible, win-win solutions rather than turning to confrontation.
‘ – Dr. Mohammed Abdulla Al-Kuwari, Former Deputy Chairman of the Board of the Qatar Society of Engineers


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