Law and Practice of Construction Law in Malaysia

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The phenomenon of construction is an ancient one. Civilisation is built on bricks, concrete, mortar, and steel. As new technologies emerge in this area, so, too, has the law evolved to stay abreast. This book is a collaborative effort between professionals whose respective involvement in the legal and practical aspects of construction in Malaysia is brought to bear in this addition to the Malaysian Practice Series.

The result of their collaboration is a nuanced, balanced and detailed coverage of the most essential topics in construction law and practice, including construction procurement and contracts, design and supervision obligations, quality and defect obligations, variation and extension of time, termination of construction contracts, and the application of the COVID-19 Act 2020 to the construction industry.

The book considers and analyses various standard forms commonly adopted in the Malaysian construction industry. Key cases are presented in the form of illustrations which seek to present essential principles in an easily digestible form. The book is invaluable to all legal professionals engaged in the practice of construction law as well as construction professionals in Malaysia and contains discussion of current Malaysian cases and applicable statutes.

Key Features

Collaboration between lawyers and construction industry professionals to provide balanced and nuanced coverage of contemporary legal and practical challenges in construction in Malaysia
Illustrations of key cases make important legal principles abundantly clear
Analysis and discussion of commonly applied standard forms of contract
Discussion clearly supported by local and foreign case law as well as statutory provisions
One chapter dedicated to the discussion of the effects of the COVID-19 Act 2020 on construction projects

Table of Contents

An Overview of Construction Law in Malaysia
Statutory Control of the Construction Industry in Malaysia
Construction Procurement and Contracts
Design and Supervision Obligations in Construction
Risk and Management Obligations in Construction
Variation and Changes
Quality and Defect Obligations in Construction
Progress Obligations in Construction
Completion Obligations in Construction
Payment Obligations in Construction
Termination of Construction Contracts
Negligence Associated with Execution of Construction Work
Construction Insolvency
Statutory Adjudication
Litigation in the Construction Court
Construction Mediation
The Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Construction Law

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Publication Date : Nov – 2021
Author : Lim Chong Fong (General Editor)
ISBN : 9789672723028
Format : Hardcover + eBook
Country : Malaysia


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