Construction Law Julian Bailey – 3rd Edition (3 Vols)


Now in its third edition Construction Law by Julian Bailey is the definitive work of reference for construction law practitioners internationally. In three volumes, it provides the most comprehensive treatment of the major issues arising out of construction and engineering projects, with extensive references to case law, statutes and regulations, standard forms of contract and legal commentary. The book in its new updated form is an indispensable work of reference for law practitioners and is now accessibly priced for the post-graduate student market.

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: The Legal And Commercial Frameworks

Chapter 2: Contract Formation

Chapter 3: Contract Terms

Chapter 4: Procurement

Chapter 5: Contract Administration

Chapter 6: Price And Payment

Chapter 7: Variations

Chapter 8: The Site

Chapter 9: Breach Of Contract And Termination

Chapter 10: Negligence

Chapter 11: Time

Chapter 12: Security For Performance

Chapter 13: Damages

Chapter 14: Defects

Chapter 15: Consultants

Chapter 16: Intellectual Property

Chapter 17: Insurance

Chapter 18: Statutory Regulation Of Work

Chapter 19: Home Building Contracts

Chapter 20: Subcontracts, Assignment, Novation, Waiver And Estoppel

Chapter 21: Employment, Health And Safety

Chapter 22: Bankruptcy And Insolvency

Chapter 23: Dispute Resolution

Chapter 24: Statutory Adjudication

Chapter 25: Arbitration

Chapter 26: Litigation

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Author : Julian Bailey

Publication Date : Jun – 2020

ISBN : 9781913019037

Format : Hardcover


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