Dealing with Delay and Disruption on Construction Projects


Edited by: Kim Rosenberg, Erin Miller Rankin, Bryan Dayton
ISBN13: 9789395696029
Published: August 2020
Country of Publication: UK (Indian Reprint)
Format: Hardback

Category: Product ID: 9843


Dealing with Delay and Disruption on Construction Contracts provides construction lawyers with an understanding of how these topics can affect construction projects, how to plan for them, and what to look out for when making claims. Led by a team of lawyers – with input from relevant experts – this title covers how the topic is dealt with in standard forms (such as FIDIC, JCT, and NEC), as well as a variety of comparative jurisdictions.

  • Provides an understanding of how delay and disruption can affect construction projects, how to plan for them, and what to look out for when making claims
  • Explains how to plan for delay and disruption during the procurement and drafting stage, covering how these topics are addressed in standard form contracts, including JCT, NEC, and FIDIC
  • Combines coverage of both technical and legal aspects
  • Introduces the concepts of delay and disruption and the process of structuring claims, including discussion of the extension of time (EOT) and concurrent delay
  • Provides an overview of delay methodologies and how compensation for prolongation is addressed, as well as quantification principles
  • Covers valuation methodologies and principals, as well as acceleration entitlement
  • Introduces disruption causation principles and quantification principles
  • Discusses the disruption methodologies of causation and quantification
  • Explains how to deal with delay & disruption subcontract claims, and employer claims, including liquidated damages
  • Describes the common procedural requirements for advancing delay & disruption claims
  • Covers how BIM and 4D animation can be used in presenting delay & disruption claims and analyses the tools needed to present a delay or disruption case at arbitration
  • Describes the issues that should be considered during contract negotiations such that disputes over delay & disruption can be avoided
  • Gives practical guidance on project management and covers the delay & disruption issues related to project finance
  • Authored by a team led by the Freshfields Dubai and London office, plus an assortment of technical experts
  • Also covers comparative law considerations throughout, covering 12 key jurisdictions, including UAE, the UK, the US, China, and Germany.
Delay – Time – Law
Delay – Time – Technical
Delay – Money – Law
Delay – Money – Technical
Disruption – Law
Disruption – Technical
Subcontract claims
Employer claims
Procedural requirements
Dispute avoidance
Project management – Technical
Project finance


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