Islamic law of Succession


The law of succession takes on great prominence in Shariah, with methods of distribution and entitlement prescribed in extensive details. This third edition, while keeping the original work and the second edition intact, includes elaborated discussion on conditional hibah which is divided into umra and ruqba as well as obligatory bequest (wasiyyah wajibah). The addition further elaborates the discussion of hibah and wasiyyah in the second edition to meet the more current development in the areas of wealth development and financial and estate planning among Muslims in Malaysia, which sees growth in estate planning products introduced by more financial institutions.

With ample illustrations and exercises, this book serves as an invaluable guide and a reference for students, practitioners, judges and everyone interested in the methods of distribution of a deceased Muslim’s estate upon death.

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A Practical Guide To The Laws of Faraid

Author: Wan Noraini Mohd Salim

Third Edition

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