Fundamentals Of Islamic Wealth Management (Syariah & Legal Principles) with Commentaries.


About the Book

This book is based primarily on the author’s other books, namely

– The Islamic Worldview of Money, Social Finance, Wealth & Financial Well Being;
catered to the general reader in Malaysia, Singapore, and Brunei.

– The Wealth Manager’s Guide to Islamic and Non-Islamic Wealth Management,
which draws a comparative analysis between Islamic and Conventional principles of Wealth Management which is catered to the Wealth Management reader in West and East Malaysia;

and is centered upon the application of Malaysian legislation ad case law that is based on the Maqasid Al-Syariah principles as they are applied in West and East Malaysia.  Unlike the author’s other said books, this book is based purely on the Islamic principles relevant to the Wealth Management industry.

The book yet again displays the author’s thorough style of providing relevant and current information on the selected subject matters that are a favorite topic of any examination on the subject, covering the areas of:

1. Islamic Wealth Creation
2. Islamic Wealth Accumulation
3. Islamic Wealth Preservation
4. Islamic Wealth Purification
5. Islamic Wealth Distribution
6. Islamic Capital Markets
7. Islamic Banking & Finance, and
8. Tax Planning

These subject matters are then provided with a detailed explanation and analysis viz-a-viz the principles in Islam when applied to the conventional commercial sector, with emphasis placed on the relevant legal principles.

The reader might agree that there indeed is, a dearth of such information available in the English Language in the academia, making the book a useful source of information for quick reference for the English reader. The book is also sure to recommend itself to anyone seeking information on these Islamic principles and their application via local legislation in Malaysia.

Those even not preparing for an examination on these subject matters, and who are already well versed and who are seeking information on these subjects, will also find that the subject as explained, has been explained lucidly and thoroughly.

The book is expected to live up to its name as one of the forerunners in the given subject matter.

About the Author

In this, the third out of three books on Islamic Wealth Management written by the author, the author strikes a balance between Syariah principles and the statutory provisions that regulate and define the practice of Islamic Wealth Management in both West and East Malaysia, for the student.

The author holds a Bachelor of Law degree from the University of Wales, United Kingdom, and was in active legal practice in Malaysia, before he ventured into the Property Development arena and the academia, over the past many years.

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Published date: 15/02/2023
Format: Print Only
Author: R.K. Nandy @ Farouk
ISBN: 9786299704317
Publisher: Perkasa Milenium Sdn. Bhd.

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