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Serious Fraud, Investigation and Trial, 4th Edition (Indian Reprint)


By: David N. Kirk, Anthony J.J. Woodcock
ISBN13: 9788180386077
Published: April 2009
Country of Publication: UK
Format: Hardback

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Formerly known as Kirk & Woodcock: Serious Fraud, Investigation, and Trial, this well-respected working manual is essential reading for all those involved in prosecuting and defending cases of serious fraud. It draws together the strands of what has effectively become a new and distinct area of criminal practice.

Containing comprehensive coverage of recent changes and new legislation such as the Fraud Act 2006, the book also covers prosecution and defence duties of disclosure; restructured statutory materials; updated commentary and material on the law relating to serious fraud cases; details of offences, including conspiracy to defraud; cross-border procedures; and coverage of the increasingly important international dimension to fraud investigations.

It also explains clearly and succinctly the rules applicable to fraud cases, examining the means open to the prosecutor, defendant and judge in preparatory hearings to ensure a fraud trial is more manageable. The title covers the sentencing options open to the court, providing a comprehensive selection of important statutes, statutory instruments and practice directions.

Table of statutes
Table of statutory instruments
Table of cases
Chapter 1 – Fraud Offences
Introduction to fraud offences
Fraud Act 2006
Conspiracy to defraud
FSA criminal offences (including insider dealing)
Money laundering
Cheat and HMRC offences
Companies Act offences
Cartel offences
Chapter 2 – Fraud Prosecutors
The Serious Fraud Office
The Crown Prosecution Service/Fraud Prosecution Service
Financial Services Authority
Chapter 3 – Fraud Investigations
Chapter 4 – Core Issues
Legal professional privilege
Abuse of process
Public interest immunity
Chapter 5 – Disclosure (this is long and may be better cited as a separate chapter
Chapter 6 – Parallel Proceedings
Chapter 7 – Transfer of cases
Chapter 8 – Dismissal
Chapter 9 – Procedural issues, preparatory hearings, case management and trial
Chapter 10 – Sentencing
Chapter 11 – Restraint
Chapter 12 – Confiscation
Chapter 13 – International issues
Mutual legal assistance


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