The Wealth Manager’s Guide to Islamic & Conventional (Wealth Management)

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A Comparative Analysis between Islamic & Conventional Practices In Malaysia | With Legislations & Commentaries.

Author: Dato’ R. K. Nandy
ISBN: 9789671756324
Published: Oct 2023
Published by: Marsden Law Book Sdn. Bhd.


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This book serves as the Malaysian Edition of the Author’s book entitled “The Islamic Worldview of Money, Social Finance, Wealth and Financial Well Being.” is intended primarily for Malaysians who aspire to be in the Financial and Capital Markets Industry and is also a useful source of current information for those who are in the said field of practice.

It is replete with the relevant and current legislative and regulatory provisions in Malaysia, drawing, a comparative distinction between the Islamic and Conventional aspects of the following components of the Wealth Management industry:

– Islamic Wealth Creation
– Conventional Wealth Creation
– Wealth Accumulation nventional Wealth Accumulation.
– Islamic Wealth Preservation
– Conventional Wealth Preservation
– Islamic Wealth Purification
– Conventional Wealth Distribution
– Digital Wealth Management
– Islamic Wealth Distribution
– Fintech
– Islamic & Conventional Capital Market
– Taxation

Takaful is a tool of Islamic Wealth Preservation and Zakat. Sadaqah and Infaq as a tool for Islamic Wealth Purification, is extensively discussed. Similarly, a detailed explanation of the Islamic Inheritance tools of Faraid, Wasslysh, Hibah, and The Islamic Trust as a tool for Islamic Wealth Distribution, and their similarities and differences to the conventional tools of inheritance such as Wills. Letters of Administration and the conventional law of Trust are also Included, as the aspect of Conventional Wealth Distribution.

The book then, proceeds to expand in a detailed fashion, about the Islamic Waqf and the Conventional Trust as well as the Islamic Waqf Ahli and the Conventional Family Office while at the same time, showing their relevant legislative provisions, as they are in Malaysia.

The recent amendments to the distribution of “Small Estates”(“Harta Pusaka Kecil”) via the Small Estates Distribution (Amendment) Act 2022 and its major changes, together with all other relevant regulatory efforts by Malaysia’s Central Bank, Bank Negara Malaysia such as the “ASEAN Payments Policy Network” and the efforts of Malaysia’s Securities Commission, such as the “Digital Investment Management framework” under the umbrella legislation of the Capital Markets Act 2007 and the Financial Service Act 2013, and the taxation of Cash Trust under the Public Ruling Policy No. 9 of 2020 of the Malaysian Income lax Act 1967, amongst many other recent provisions of law, Is also provided.

The disruptive transformation caused by the “IR 4.0” (the 4th industrial Revolution) with the advent of Fintech (Financial Technology) in Malaysia to the Wealth Management industry via Digital Wealth Management, has not been spared, nor has it been left out.

All this is given in a concise and comprehensive manner, with the aid of very useful diagrams that encapsulate these principles. without a doubt, is a boon for the reader.

It is also rare that such information is of so much importance, and has been condensed and compressed into the so few pages of a book. such as this.


Dato’ R.K.Nandy is an Advocate and Solicitor of the High Court of Malaya (non-practicing). Having been in the housing development business for the past 9 years, he was in active legal practice for several years specializing in housing development law. Besides this book, the author’s other literary accomplishments and publications are as follows:

Probate & Administration in Malaysia | Jan 2024
Law of Wills in Malaysia and Singapore | Aug 2023
Injunctions & Specific Performance in Malaysia | Nov 2023
The Fundamentals of Islamic Wealth Management (Syariah & Legal Principles).
– The Islamic Worldview of Money, Social Finance, Wealth & Financial Wellbeing (Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei).
– The Student’s Guide to the Administration of Estates in Malaysia.
– Trustees Duties, Responsibilities & Liabilities in Malaysia.
– Islamic Estate Planning & Administration of Estates, Malaysia.
– Instruments of Dealings & Caveats in Malaysia.

– The author holds a Bachelor of Law degree from the University of Wales, United Kingdom, and was in active legal practice in Malaysia, before he ventured into the Property Development arena and the academia, over the past many years.

The author is also the course and content creator and the founder of the Professional Diploma Courses: 
– Professional Diploma in Trust Management (Islamic & Non-Islamic).
– Professional Diploma in Estate Planning & Trust Management (Islamic & Non-Islamic).
– Professional Diploma in Conveyancing in Malaysia.
which are awarded by the London Examination Board of the United Kingdom.


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